2014: Group:NordArt, kunstwerk Carlshutte, 14/6/2014-12/10/20-14

Group: Neither Here nor there Contemporary Irish  13/4/ 2013–5/5 2013 
http://www.grimmuseum.com/ Fichte Strasse 2 10967 Berlin

Group: Lamama international group show 27/9/2012- 21/10/2012 74A East 4th Street
(btw Bowery & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003

Group: Nature, Vegas Gallery  13/9/2012- 6/10/2012  274 Poyser Street E2 9RF London http://www.vegasgallery.co.uk/info/

Solo: Erotic Landscapes 3/8/2012-1/9/2012 Werkstadt Kulturverein Berlin Emser Strasse 124

Group: Bedded Geist: 24/5/2012- 26/5/2012 Artspace 121-berlin projects. Rigaerstrasse 50, Friedrichshain,Berlin.

 Group : Female patterns, Salon sou de cou cou, 202 Weser Strasse, 6/1/2012- 17/2/2012 

Solo: Sophie Iremonger at GSL projects, 19 Glogauer Strasse, 17/12/2011- 21/12/2011  Galerie Suvi Lehtinen

Group:  8/9/2011>11/9/2011 Fitax at Grimm Museum


Group : Artists24/7: 8/9/11-8/3/12 Mercure Hotel Berlin Templehof,HermanStrasse 

Group: Feetish:  Salon Sou de Cou Cou, 6/5/11-18/6/11 202 WeserStrasse Berlin

Group: Exploring Animals in Modernism : Animamomoderne @ Kotti-shop 
21/1/2011 4 Adalbert Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg 

Group: Bizarre bazaar at palace contemporary arts 25/11/2010- 18/12/2010  111 Grangegorman Road, Dublin 7, Ireland

Group: Berlin art tower kunstmesse: 6/10/2010- 1/11/2010 Kindle Brauerie Neukoln, Kranhalle Sud, Werberliner Strasse 50, Berlin, Neukolln.

Solo: Neonderthal 1/10/2010-23/102010 FabLab, Muskauer Strasse 49, Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Group: Candy hell, 4/26/6 2010 Salon Sou de Coucou, Weser Strasse 202,Berlin, Nuekolln.

Group: Empty space show, 27/7/2010-8/8/2010 Galerie Subsuelo, Lubbener Strasse 18,  Berlin,Kreuzberg.

Solo:Pink version 2- erotic shop and erotic art space, 26 schonlein Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg.
Solo: Pink version 1:  erotic shop and erotic art space,
KunsthausTacheles, oranienburger strasse 56, Berlin, Mitte.

 Solo: Shadow candy dungeon,  Degree show,Granary building, National college of Art and Design,Dublin.

 Group: Pleasures and wayward distractions, Broadstone Studios, lower Dominic Street, Dublin. 

The Iremonger/Turpin extravaganza of erotic art , the Back Loft, Augustine Street, Dublin. 

 Group: Quadrant at Bell Table , Bell Table Arts Centre, Limerick. 

 Group: 14/10/2005>19/10/2005 The exposition to  mark by ceremony expansion of the grand defastenist empire,Liberty Hall, Dublin, 

Group: Electrowurst 2 , Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. 

Group:  20/4/2005>27/4/2005 Der Defasten Kunst Bunker Cultivate Centre, Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin. 

Selected Multimedia:

 March 2012:Interview with New Obsessive: New Obsessive

September 2005: Circa Magazine: Article 


Graduated 2008
BA  Honours Fine Art, National College of Art and Design, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8 Ireland

Sophie Iremonger

artists statement:
Paintings. Acrylics,ink,collage and print on canvas and paper. Neanderthal in neon= Neonderthal. Demonstrating energetic,processed,neon visions.Exploring violence,sex,death,nostalgia and shamanic magic using my own lexicon of animal symbolism.
Central themes are:
1 decentralizing the human as dominant figure. I call this anti-anthropocentrism.
2 exploring social constructions of nature- something we 'drive to in a car' and then safely leave behind?
3 creating depictions of apocalyptic and post apocalyptic worlds inhabited by species of past and future.
4 perverting the traditional use of other species as a symbolic lexicon.
5 creating my own lexicon of animal/plant symbolism 
6 seeing the other species that surround us everyday in urban environments.
7 depicting unexpected species in urban environments.

Born 1983 Dublin, Ireland, educated at the National college of Art and design, Sophie Iremonger graduated 2008 with a BA in painting.She moved Berlin where she painted for 6 years, developing a strong studio practice, exhibiting in Berlin, London, New York. In 2014 she moved to London,where she lives when not taking trips to observe animal/plants-the latest being to South Africa, June 2015 where she worked as a volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation centre until July 3rd 2015.
The artist spends a lot of time exploring wastelands/the junctures between inhabited/uninhabited lands- places where the human grip is loosened or absent.She observes- drawing animals/plants from both from 1st hand experience and T.V,photos,the internet. An important idea in the work is anti-anthropocentrism: decentralizing the human as focal point. Watching the lives of other species is a way for her to process what happens in her own. Different species/ecosysyems explore different emotional states- not the lexicon of popular culture but her own unique personal lexicon- divorced completely from the anthropomorphized standard dialogue. Above and beyond the personal,the work is concerned with social constructions of nature.